markdown translation tools

All markdown translation tools on the market have problems and don't work well.

For example, if you use menthays/markdown-translatoropen in new window to translate markdown text, it will translate

对 [libmdbx]( 的 rust 封装


Right [libmdbx]( The rust package ofThe reason is that it splits the text into

The reason is that it splits the text into { text: '对 ' },{ text: 'libmdbx' },{ text: ' 的 rust 封装' }to translate it separately.

Using something else, like bilingualopen in new window, doesn't keep the link style.

I wrote @rmw/deepl-markdown-translate to solve a number of problems and to support

  • Translating the comment text of rust code
  • Not translating configuration fields in vuepressopen in new window
  • Caching line by line to save translation costs

For the following text

the translation works as follows

The translation requires deepl's api key,open in new window please apply first. ( U.S. credit card is required to open, you can email to help do it for you if you need).

See the code documentationopen in new window for more details

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